HC30 HydroClear

Harlequin HydroClear range of sewage treatment plants, represents significant progress for the domestic wastewater industry. Contemporary design engineering and analysis software and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities combine to create this unique product which dominates sewage treatment plant market with a class-leading pollutant removal level of 96.6%.

Market-leading performance, easier installation and competitive through-life costs, enhanced transportability and storage, product reliability and robustness are all qualities that were factored into the HydroClear design brief. Factors that were critical in achieving full CE accreditation.

The HydroClear 30 is  available in as a multitank design, offering a highly flexible solution to space-limited sites.

Key Benefits

  • Serves 21-30 inhabitants
  • Cost effective installation
  • Virtually silent operation
  • 24 month service period reduces operating costs
  • Carries full CE accreditation to BS EN12566-3
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HydroClear HC30

Tank Specifications

Length: 9,600mm (min)
Width: 1,400mm
Height: 2,560mm
Capacity: 11,410L

Install Depth: 2,560mm
Inlet Depth: 1,090mm
Outlet Depth: 1,140mm

Other Specifications

Inhabitants Served: 21-30
Desludging Intervals: 6 months (
interval up to 6 months depending on the number of inhabitants)

HydroClear HC30 (Specifications)
Product Specifications