HC20 HydroClear

Harlequin HydroClear range of sewage treatment plants, represents significant progress for the domestic wastewater industry. Contemporary design engineering and analysis software and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities combine to create this unique product which dominates sewage treatment plant market with a class-leading pollutant removal level of 96.6%.

The HydroClear 20 is  available in as a multitank design, offering a highly flexible solution to space-limited sites.

Key Benefits

  • Serves 13-20 inhabitants
  • Cost effective installation
  • Virtually silent operation
  • 24 month service period reduces operating costs
  • HydroClear owners can determine their own desludge intervals meaning potential cost savings of at least £200 per year
  • Carries full CE accreditation to BS EN12566-3
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HydroClear HC20

Tank Specifications

Length: 5,680mm
Width: 1,400mm
Height: 2,560mm
Capacity: 7,960L

Install Depth: 2,560mm
Inlet Depth: 1,090mm
Outlet Depth: 1,140mm

Other Specifications

Inhabitants Served: 13-20
Desludging Interval: 9 months (interval up to 9 months depending on the number of inhabitants)
HC 20 (Sewage Treatment Plant - Drawing)
Product Drawing / Schematic