The Harlequin CAP6 is a compact sewage treatment plant designed specifically for domestic installations for up to 6 inhabitants (4 bedrooms). It is a Continuous Aeration Plant which operates using a unique bio-media system and delivers a pollutant removal level of 96.2% whilst also combating common problems associated with small packaged domestic plants.

Key Benefits

Bio Media System - Similar to the MBBR system, there is no fixed media eliminating blockages that are commonly found in smaller treatment plants.

Durable & Stable Product - Made from tough durable polyethylene, it is easy to transport and has a wide base for stability.

Saves Money - With an easy installation due to the systems compact size and light weight, it also promotes low maintenance reducing costs.

Easy Maintenance - At full occupancy the system only need to be emptied every 6 months, with maintenance of the compressor easily carried out via the external housing.

Compact System - A perfect compact solution for homes of up to 6 inhabitants (4 bedrooms).

Low Noise - With a near silent air compressor housed externally, the operation of the system is virtually silent.

Continous Aeration Plant CAP6

Tank Specifications

Length: 1,660mm
Width: 1,600mm
Height: 2,180mm
Capacity: 2400L

Other Specifications

Inhabitants Served: 1-6
Desludging Interval: 12 Months (interval up to 12 months depending on the number of inhabitants)

CAP6 (Hi Res)
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CAP 6 (Compact Sewage Treatment Plant - Specifications)
Product Specifications
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CAP6 (Compact Sewage Treatment Plant - Drawing)
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