Purpose designed for the storage of waste oils and lubricants, the Harlequin 650 litre waste oil tank (650ORB) is fully compliant with all applicable requirements. Each Harlequin waste oil tank benefits from integral bunding, large capacity tundish and removable strainer as standard.

A self-priming hydrostatic gauge can also be supplied as an extra cost option. Please note that this item cannot be retrofitted at a later date.

All Harlequin Bunded Waste Oil Tanks exceed all applicable requirements contained within the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006, Environmental Alliance PPG2 and comparable requirements throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
ORB650 Spec: 

Length: 1,715mm
Width: 670mm
Weight: 110kg
Capacity: 645 litres

Cement Base Length: 2,315mm
Cement Base Width: 1,270mm
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