1400L Double Walled UGO

A pioneering new addition to Harlequin’s Underground Oil Tank range, the 1400 Double Walled Underground Oil Tank fully complies with all existing best practice guidlines.

Underground fuel oil storage is ideal and a popular choice for small gardens and sensitive landscapes. Double walled design is complete with an interstitial leak detection monitor and fully complies with PPG27 and BS5410.
A basin at the top of the tank neck contains:
  2” fill point
  Offtake (Anti siphon valve & filter)
  Contents gauge
  Overfill prevention valve
  Tiger loop
  Interstitial Leak Detection Monitor
All of which are easily accessed via the lockable lid. 

Length: 2,000mm
Width: 1,250mm
Height: 1,969mm
Weight: 220kg
Capacity: 1,370 litres
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