Static DipFast is designed to contain the sheep in the unit to drip off after treatment. Once complete the sheep run off the exit ramp. It is perfect for a yard situation or for traveling short distances. A compact innovative sheep shower unit that is designed to protect the welfare of the animal and the environment, while also safeguarding the operator who won’t come into contact with livestock or chemicals. 

How it works

Step 1

Sheep enter the unit via the ramp.

Step 2

The operator closes the entrance door using the pulley system.  The Sheep are sprayed by 22 jets with a total flow rate of 150 litres per minute at 2 bar pressure.

Step 3
After dripping off, the operator opens the exit door using the pulley system.  The Sheep exit the Dipfast via the ramp.

DipFast Story

DipFast is manufactured in partnership with OranOak Engineering, a family-run business established by Mark Kelly in 2013. Using his 40 years experience in the agricultural industry, Mark built the first ever rotationally-moulded sheep showering unit using an old oil tank and material he found on his farm. Finding the process of dipping his sheep becoming even more expensive and laborious, he was determined to figure out a way to do it safer, easier and quicker. Mark’s prototype was so successful with treating his own flock of sheep that the neighbouring farmers began approaching him to treat their sheep.

Then in 2017, Mark and his three sons, Aidan, Patrick and Colm released their Dipfast product for sale after a 3 year long R&D process. The product is the first of its kind, a tried and tested fully enclosed sheep showering system. It is a labour saving sheep showering unit, that protects the welfare of the animal and the environment, while also safeguarding the operator. 
  • Capacity:  1,000 litres
  • Width:  1,400mm
  • Height:  1,750mm
  • Length: 2,400mm
  • Length (including ramps): 5,500mm
  • Power: 240V
  • Labour Saving Efficiency – One man operation
  • Health & Safety – Reduced manual handling of sheep & lower risk of chemical contamination
  • Environmental Benefits – All dip chemical is enclosed within the sealed chamber
  • Animal Welfare – Less stressful on the animal
  • Mobile – Mobile unit also available
  • Number of Sheep – 6-10 per cycle
Unique product feature’s
Quality moulded polyethylene tank body for strength and durability.

Removable floor for easy access

Dual Filtration System
Stops pump, pipes and nozzles from blocking up.

Built in adjustable timing system to ensure full treatment is reached.
High grade GRP non slip surface.

Spray System
22 jets with flow rate of 150l/m and 2 bar pressure give total coverage inside the unit

Mounted on skid frame for extra protection & easy transport 

  • DipFast unit
  • Skid
  • Entrance & exit ramps
  • aluminium adjustable gates
  • Pump
  • Filters
  • GRP flooring
  • Doors
  • Frame uprights
DIPFAST - Harlequin MFG
A tried and tested fully enclosed sheep showering system. A new way to treat sheep which is labour saving, easy to use, animal friendly and safe. Made by Oran Oak Engineering ...