Gauge Apollo Standard

Tank mounted ultrasonic transmitter unit, compatible with the standard 32mm port fitted to modern plastic oil storage tanks.
Optional multi adaptor ensures compatibility with most steel tanks
Plug in receiver unit with integral antenna
Premium quality LCD display; readable from a wide range of angles under varying light conditions.


One size fits all. The Apollo Ultrasonic is suitable for almost any tank up to 3 metres tall, irrespective of manufacturer, capacity or material of construction.
Quick and easy to fit, with no specialist tools or wiring required
Easy to use, thanks to an intuitive, easy to read LCD display
On-screen, low level warning alert with audible alarm, reduces the risk of running out of oil
Contactless technology and the absence of a direct connection to the oil supply line eliminate the risk of spills and leaks.
Adds value, too oil storage tanks and fuel storage installations.
Positioned above the maximum liquid level inside the tank, the Apollo Ultrasonic can assist in ensuring compliance with secondary containment requirements.
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