HydroStore 4500 litre 'Home Harvest Gravity' rainwater harvesting system allows the connection of a hose to the pump within the tank to provide recycled rainwater for irrigating lawns/gardens and car washing, etc...

It consists of the HydroStore-ST tank (including internal components).

Key benefits

  • High impact strength at low temperatures  
  • Calmed inlet reduces turbulence to tank sediment, improving water quality to property
  • Pressure-sensitive pump (turns off if no demand), dry-run protected (turns off if no water detected) for extended service life
  • Pump outlet capable of delivering 2500ltr/hour, nominal 35m head, and 3.5 bar pressure to guarantee reliable, constant and efficient supply
  • Stress free mouldings provide extra strength
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Integrated handling points
  • Corrosion resistant   
  • Low maintenance
  • UV protected
  • Recyclable polyethylene


Tank specifications:

Length: 2165mm
Width: 2165mm
Height: 2770mm

Capacity: 4500 litres
Empty plant weight: 260 kg

Other specifications:

Inlet Level: 830mm
Outlet Level: 900mm
Pipework fitting: Ø110mm
Turret aperture: Ø760mm
Filter checking interval: 12 months

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