Harlequin AdBlue Bunds have been specially designed  and engineered for the storage of AdBlue and are ideal for use in conjunction with an AdBlue dispensing unit, such as the Harlequin AdBlue 'Blue Stations'.

Every Harlequin Blue Bund is manufactured using a specialist grade of AdBlue resistant, medium density polyethylene (MDPE). 

These tanks are available in a choice of 5 capacities, ranging from 1,300 litres to 10,000 litres.


  • Cheaper Bulk Storage - as well as being safer and cleaner than purchasing AdBlue in cans, drums and IBCs, the bulk storage of AdBlue can allow you to significantly reduce your costbase.
  • Best Storage & Dispensing Material - manufacutred from inert materials ensures no reaction takes place with AdBlue. Our tank equipment is also selected to ensure no salts form within the AdBlue.
  • Non Corrosive - manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) your Harlequin tank will never corrode.
  • Integrally Bunded - designed to protect the surrounding environment, all tanks are bunded preventing polution if the internal tank was ever to leak.
  • Excellent Design - easy access doors and lids with all tanks having a secure way to be locked.
  • Remote Storage - our Blue Bunds allow you to store your Adblue in a different location to your dispensing point.
  • Contents Mointoring - our Blue Stations come with quality contents monitoring gauges.
  • ‘Plug & Go’ Electrics - making the tank installable in minutes.

*This tank is suitable for the storage and dispensing of SCR Urea. Please note all electrical connections should be carried out by a qualified electrician.

3500BLB Spec: 

Length: 2,450mm
Width: 1,770mm

Height: 1,890mm
Capacity: 3,471 litres (brimful)
Weight: 275kg

Cement Base Length: 3,050mm
Cement Base Width: 2,370mm

This 3,500 litre Blue Bund is supplied with the following features as standard:

  • Integrally bunded
  • Stainless steel offset fill point; 2” BSP(M) thread
  • Stainless steel suction pipe with non-return valve & strainer; 1”BSP(M) thread
  • 4” lockable inspection port
  • Inner tank vent
  • Press to read bund monitor; battery powered
  • 32mm bung - suitable for an electronic contents gauge
  • 16” access lid
Harlequin range of AdBlue include a selection of Blue Stations and Blue Bunds. Your first choice for non corrosive quality storage and dispensing tanks.
3500BLB (Specifications)
Product Specifications
3500 BLB (Drawing)
Product Drawing / Schematic