Theft of 30,000 Litres of Diesel From Major Pipeline

Theft of 30,000 Litres of Diesel From Major Pipeline
30 April 2014
A 130 mile diesel pipeline was tapped into and siphoned, at one of Esso's refinery in Southampton, as part of a detailed heist by fuel thieves. At least 30,000 litres of diesel were siphoned off in the theft, which is thought to have been carried out by professionals.

One route of investigation currently relates to suggestions that the thieves may have rented commercial property along a point in Hampshire, where the fuel line ran - giving them access to siphon off thousands of gallons of valuable fuel.

The alarm was raised by a commercial unit landlord, who discovered a large number of tanks containing diesel at his premises. It is thought the tanks had been prepared for transport, however, it is not known how many tanks had previously been transported from the site.

Two men have since been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation.

The esso pipeline runs largely out of sight, through the south of England and is widely acknowledged as one of the most important fuel lines in Britain.
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