Successful Trial Of New Bio-Fuel in Northern Ireland

Successful Trial Of New Bio-Fuel in Northern Ireland
24 July 2014
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OFTEC has announced the successful completion of a four year trial of a new environmentally friendly home heating bio-fuel in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.  The organisation hopes the new B30K fuel will now be supported by the Northern Ireland Executive in the anticipated commencement of Phase 2 of the Renewable Heat Incentive, a grant that encourages householders to switch to renewable fuels.  This would create an affordable and environmentally friendly option for householders in Northern Ireland.  The new B30K fuel remains kerosene based but contains 30% Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME), a bio-fuel which can be sourced from animal fat or vegetable oil. Calculations show that B30K produces 21% less carbon emissions than burning 100% Kerosene, 60% lower than coal and 111% lower than electricity.  Over 60% of homes in Northern Ireland currently use heating oil as their primary heating source and with the right support from Government OFTEC believes the bio-fuel has the potential to reduce the overall carbon footprint of Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the success of the bio-fuel project Harlequin’s Managing Director Mr Laurance Coey said “The welcome success of the bio-fuel project brings closer the prospect of lowering carbon emissions from domestic heating sources in Northern Ireland in both an efficient and practical manner”.

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