Sales of Oil Boilers Up 22%

Sales of Oil Boilers Up 22%
18 April 2013

The oil heating sector has reported a significant improvement insales this year. Sales of oil boilers in the first quarter of 2013increased by 22% compared with the first three months of last year.Sales at the end of 2012 also showed an improvement on the previousyear. 

Commenting on the news, OFTEC director general, Jeremy Hawksley, said: "Thesales figures for the first quarter of 2013 have been excellent andfollow good results for the final quarter of 2012. Most boiler sales aredistress purchases and the healthy results are due partly to the coldweather the UK has experienced this winter. However, it also underlinesthe public's continued enthusiasm for oil heating and the fact thatupgrading to a modern oil condensing boiler will bring an immediatesaving in heating costs. This is by far the simplest and mostcost-effective change that existing oil heating users can make." 

OFTEC is promoting the benefits of oil heating to rural householdswith Oilsave leaflets and flyers. The Oilsave campaign has beendeveloped by OFTEC and FPS - the trade association for oil distributionindustry in the UK and Republic of Ireland - to support the oil heatingindustry and encourage homeowners to improve their heating systems andmake other energy efficiency improvements. The flyer offers homeowners abooklet about energy efficiency, which is available free from OFTEC, and encourages them to visit the new Oilsave website at: It also recommends they use an OFTEC registered technician for all installation and servicing work.


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