Paris Bans Half of Diesel and Petrol Cars

Paris Bans Half of Diesel and Petrol Cars
17 March 2014
Half the diesel and petrol cars in Paris will be banned from entering the city tomorrow in an attempt to reduce pollution levels.

From 5am, only cars with number plates ending in odd numbers will be allowed to enter the city, whereas the following day, only cars with number plates ending in even numbers will be permitted to enter, unless their engines are electric or hybrid.

The decision comes after a spell of warm, windless days, followed by cold, clear nights, which has created conditions to form a warm layer over northern France.

All underground trains and all buses have been declared free, during the ban, in an attempt to promote the use of public transport.

Being 60% dependent on diesel cars, France is more succeptible than most countries to this type of pollution. It further highlights the benefits of emission reducing efforts, such as commuters opting for hybrid engines, and particularly for commercial sectors, using AdBlue in engines as a means of reducing noxious outputs.

It is expected that more and more vehicle manufacturers across the EU will introduce cars with SCR systems, which require the use of AdBlue, as the Euro 6 standard for limiting nitrogen oxide emissions for cars and light goods vehicles  is implemented in 2014.

For more information on AdBlue, you can visit Harlequin's FAQ section.
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