Over 58,000 Scottish Homes Benefit from Energy Saving Measures

Over 58,000 Scottish Homes Benefit from Energy Saving Measures
18 April 2014
The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, which is backed by the Scottish government as part of its Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland (HEEPS) initiative, resulted in over 58,000 homes in Scotland benefitting from a range of energy improvements.

As part of the initiative, measures such as improved insulation or the replacement of old oil boilers with new, condensing oil boilers, were implemented. With a large number of Scottish homes relying on oil heating for their day-to-day energy, many industry experts deem the replacement of old and inefficient boilers, to be one of the most cost effective means of improving energy consumption and reducing costs.

The ECO scheme was created as a means of addressing and tackling fuel poverty and carbon footprints. As part of the HEEPS initiative, which has a budget of £60m to tackle such issues, the scheme enables local council-led, area based schemes to receive support and investment on energy issues.

Official statistics released recently, show that as a result of the ECO scheme, a larger proportion of Scottish homes have now benefitted from energy efficiency improvements, than anywhere else in the UK.
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