OFTEC Urges MP's to Challenge Government on Oil Discrimination

OFTEC Urges MP's to Challenge Government on Oil Discrimination
14 May 2014
OFTEC has written to 210 MP's representing rural constituencies across England and Wales in response to the government's new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

The scheme, which effectively excludes oil users in being eligible to obtain a new and more efficient boiler, has been criticised for what many within the industry deem to be an unbalanced approach, in that mains gas users will be able to benefit where oil users won't.

As part of the initiative, homeowners will be eligible for up to £1,500 towards the cost of a new boiler, in an attempt to improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon footprints.

By excluding oil users, the scheme puts 850,000 homes across England and Wales at a disadvantage over mains gas users and many argue that fuel poverty levels in oil using, rural areas will increase as the cost of consumption rises with inefficient boilers.

Whilst oil users are still eligible to receive some support from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), OFTEC has argued that the up front investment required by homeowners in order to avail of the benefits of this initiative, mean that it is a possibility which is only realistic for the wealthy minority.

A consumer focus report has found that 29% of rural homes in England and 47% of rural homes in Wales are living in fuel poverty. OFTEC has urged the government to re-introduce a boiler scrappage scheme, having seen similar schemes in Scotland achieve huge success in improving efficiencies, reducing carbon emmissions and assisting with fuel poverty.
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