OFTEC Offers Free Oil Tank Checks

OFTEC Offers Free Oil Tank Checks
27 November 2013
OFTEC - The Oil Firing Technical Association, is encouraging oil users to avail of free tank checks performed by selected OFTEC registered technicians this winter.

Tanks which are older than 20 years, are at the highest risk this winter, higher again for those which are single skin models, as opposed to bunded oil tanks, which consist of a tank within a tank design and can therefore protect against the worst consequences of a tank split.

Tank splits do not just pose serious and hazardous environmental risks, but can also result in huge costs being incurred by homeowners whose insurance policies do not cover oil spills. Costs can soar as high as £50,000 in some instances.

For these reasons, and to protect homeowners against the harsh effects of being without central heating at some of the coldest points in the year, OFTEC has initiated a scheme whereby registered technicians can offer free tank health checks and subsequantly advise on any action which may or may not need to be taken in order to adequately secure oil tanks this winter.

To find out more, customers can call 0845 658 5080 in Northern Ireland or 01 864 5771 in the Republic of Ireland and ask for details of local technicians offering free tank checks. More information can also be found in OFTEC's online leaflet.

For information on replacing a faulty oil tank, customers can also contact Harlequin's customer services department by emailing info@clarehill.com or by visiting www.tankmark.org.uk to find a list of accredited installers across the UK and Ireland.
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