OFTEC & FPS Launch Oilsave

OFTEC & FPS Launch Oilsave
25 February 2014
Industry organisations OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) and FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) have launched a joint web initiative, 'Oilsave'.

The website is aimed at aiding and assisting the UK's 1 million oil users, providing help and advice on issues such as oil pricing, energy saving and and the benefits of oil as a home heating fuel.

The website can be found by visiting www.oilsave.org.uk and it contains menu options such as 'Oilwise' (offering advice on running your oil heating system efficiently, economically and safely), 'OilGreen' (offering advice on adopting a hybrid approach to your heating system, incorporating oil and renewable resources) and 'OilSmart' (offering tips on improving the performance of your oil heating system).

Malcolm Farrow, Marketing and Communications Manager at OFTEC, said: “With rising energy prices and a general pressure on household bills, we want to ensure oil consumers are well equipped to make the best choices for both their pockets and peace of mind.

“Oilsave is a great resource and we will be promoting the website at a grass roots level through our network of OFTEC registered technicians who consumers can trust as a source of reliable advice and information."

The Oilsave website will also offer users tips and advice on taking advantage of the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), due to be launched this Spring.

(Source: www.oftec.co.uk)


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