Not your average Sheep Shower

Not your average Sheep Shower
05 June 2017
As an experienced Sheep Farmer and Electrician, Mark Kelly built the first ever DipFast 8 years ago using an old Oil Tank and material he found on his farm. Finding the process of dipping his sheep becoming even more expensive and laborious, he was determined to figure out a way to do it safer, easier and quicker. Mark’s prototype was so successful with treating his own flock of sheep the neighbouring farmers were approaching him asking to treat their sheep.

Fast forward to 2017, Mark and his three sons, Aidan, Patrick and Colm are finally ready to release their Dipfast product for sale after a 3 year long R&D process. Working closely with Harlequin MFG, the final product is the first of its kind, a tried and tested fully enclosed sheep showering system.

The DipFast comes in three different product options.  Click one of the products below to find out more:  

Run Off

Drip Off


View a customer video of the DipFast in action! 

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