NEW PRODUCT: 9250 Fuel Station

NEW PRODUCT: 9250 Fuel Station
23 July 2019

A compact diesel dispensing tank

Fuelled by growing customer demand for a more compact version of our 10000-litre fuel station, we launched the 9250 litre. The 9250FS has now replaced the older and much bigger 10000FS.

The new fuel station is a complete diesel storage and diesel dispensing solution ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. The integrally-bunded 9250 diesel tank features a forecourt style refuelling convenience and a range of value added technologies.

The tank itself is moulded from durable medium density polyethylene making it very durable and stable. The diesel storage tank comes with a world-class fuel management system which helps to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock. 
It features a lockable equipment cabinet which has been designed to securely lock away its filling point preventing risk of tampering and theft. The lockable inspection cap adds another layer of protection as it provides a visible and useful deterrent against fuel theft.


It’s mechanical overfill prevention valve provides a mechanical method of automatic fuel oil shut-off to prevent overfilling of the tank during a pressurized fill. The tank comes with a 6m delivery hose with auto shut-off dispending nozzle as a standard. When the tank becomes full, the dispensing nozzle shuts off automatically preventing too much fuel from being dispensed while also offering a more convenient, cleaner alternative to the cheaper manual options. Additionally, the LRC Probe prevents any overfills by controlling refuelling from the tank. Unlike old-fashioned mechanical overfill prevention valves, the LRC Probe automatically discontinues the supply of fuel in the event of a system failure. This exceeds all applicable overfill prevention requirements and is fully compliant with EN13616.

A hydrostatic contents gauge with in-cabinet digital display constantly indicates the level of tank contents. Further, a battery operated bund monitor provides a visual indication of liquid in the bund.

It has a 230V fuel pump that operates at 56L/min which can be upgraded to 72L/min. Low voltage fuel pumps (110V, 12V, 24V) are also available. Low voltage tanks have a digital flow meter in place of the fuel management system.
Ten micron particulate and water filter, 2” BSP (M) offset fill point c/w non-return valve and lever ball valve, bulkhead light are some of the other features of the 9250 fuel station.
New oil storage regulations due to come into force from Natural Resources Wales 2020, will mean all businesses in Wales will need to make sure that their oil tank is bunded by 15th March 2020.
We have teamed up with OFTEC and Natural Resources Wales to offer free advice to Welsh companies on how to get prepared. Click here to know more.

Diesel-Fuel Tanks Leaflet
Specification Sheet
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Wales Oil Tank Regulations Brochure
Harlequin Diesel Fuel Tanks
The Harlequin range of quality Fuel/Diesel Tanks are the first choice in onsite refuelling, available in capacities from 430 to 9,250 litres with Slimline options. The perfect system for all needs, you have a choice of a complete forecourt style Fuel Station, simple Fuel Point or transportable tank.

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