New Product: 2500 Underground Oil Tank

New Product: 2500 Underground Oil Tank
02 May 2018

Harlequin Manufacturing Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of their 2500 Double Walled Underground Oil Tank to their Underground Oil Tanks Range giving home owners more options to choose from when buying an underground oil tank. 
Much like the earlier 1400 Litre version, this tank has a double walled design with an interstitial leak detection monitor.  If there is a leakage, this monitor detects it and alerts the owner, thus containing the leakage within its second wall preventing it from harming the surrounding environment.
The tank fully complies with best practice guidelines outlined in PPG27 and BS5410 and includes the following features: 2” fill point, Offtake (anti siphon valve & filter), contents gauge, overfill prevention valve, tiger loop and the interstitial leak detection monitor.
Single-skinned and double-walled tanks also come with a new and improved lockable hinged access lid with brick effect surround. The new lid has been designed to be more aesthetic and blends in well with any type of landscaping. This new modern lid style has been designed to prevent water ingress and provides convenient access for tank filling and maintenance.
Underground Oil Tanks provide secure storage for heating oil, increasing useable garden space and are a popular choice for small gardens and sensitive landscapes.
Standard Features
Inner tank moulded in one piece from durable medium density polyethylene material
GRP outer skin
Lockable hinged access lid with brick effect surround
Moulded-in lifting eyes for ease of handling
Atkinson Tanktop offtake fitting
(c/w integral anti-siphon valve, non-return valve, 50Mic filter & priming button)
2” BSP (M) fill point
Overfill prevention valve
3” screened vent
Leak detection monitor
Dip tube between the two walls
Ultrasonic contents gauge
Supplied with Tigerloop® De-Aerator
Tank Dimensions:
Length: 2450mm
Width: 1400mm
Overall Height: 2270mm
Standard Depth: 2020mm
Brimful Capacity: 2655L
Net Weight: 300kg
The 2500 Double Walled Underground Oil Tank is available to purchase from this month

Harlequin Underground Oil Tanks
At Harlequin, we have a single skinned and double walled underground oil storage tanks range to meet the requirements of all our customers. Single skinned oil tanks come in 1400, 2500 and 3200 litre capacities. Double walled oil tanks come in 1400 and 2500 litre capacities.
To find out more about our products, contact our team on 028 9261 1077 or email

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