NEW PRODUCT: CAP9 Sewage Treatment Plant

NEW PRODUCT: CAP9 Sewage Treatment Plant
21 June 2019

An innovative sewage treatment solution

Today we launched our new CAP9 compact sewage treatment plant for domestic installations of up to 9 inhabitants at the Royal Highland Show, one of the UK’s biggest outdoor events which attracts a global audience.

CAP9 is a continuous aeration plant which operates using a unique bio-media system and delivers a pollutant removal level of 96.2% whilst also combatting common problems associated with small packaged domestic plants.

A compact sewage treatment plant, CAP9 is specifically designed for rural householders with up to nine inhabitants or approximately seven bedrooms. 
It is our largest to date and one that has been in development for some time based on the growing needs of the rural market.
The CAP9 has been designed to provide durability and stability with ease of installation a key factor in all our products as well as easy maintenance access. 
It delivers particularly low operating costs and we are confident it will deliver significant benefits to those rural dwellers or businesses that are keen to scale their current sewage treatment needs.

The CAP9 bio media system means there is no fixed media eliminating blockages that are commonly found in smaller treatment plants.  Made from tough durable polyethylene, it is easy to transport and has a wide base for stability. Its compact size and light weight also promotes low maintenance reducing costs.  

At full occupancy the system only needs to be emptied every 12 months, with maintenance of the compressor easily carried out. With a near silent air compressor housed beneath the flat lid, the operation of the CAP9 system is virtually silent.

This is only one of our broad range of sewage treatment solutions. Our Harlequin HydroClear range enables wastewater from bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchens to feed to directly into the plant. From here it travels through three treatment chambers. Once treated, wastewater is discharged through a soakaway or directly into a stream. 

New regulations due to come into force from The Environment Agency in January 2020, will mean all homes and businesses in the UK with a septic tank will no longer be allowed to discharge directly to a surface water such as a river or a stream.

We will be raising awareness at The Royal Highland Show, which runs until 23rd June 2019, of the upcoming changes and what this means for rural homes and businesses.

CAP 9 Leaflet
Specification Sheet
Product Drawing
Installation Guidelines

Harlequin Sewage Treatment Solutions
At Harlequin, we manufacture market-leading Sewage Treatment Solutions to meet all our customer’s needs, along with a septic tank range. We work very closely with a number of installers. This allows us to recommend only the best and most reliable installer to our customers.
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