Is Rain Water Harvesting right for you?

Is Rain Water Harvesting right for you?
08 September 2015
Have you been thinking about getting a rainwater harvesting system but aren't quite sure you need one or what type you need?

The benefits of having a Rain Water Harvesting system are that:

-          You reduce your risk of local flooding
-          You will ease the pressure on local water provision
-          Safeguard your supply of mains water
-          Finally, reduce your utility bills

Your HydroStore™
With a HydroStore™ rain water harvesting system there are three kinds of tanks for home and garden purposes:

Home Harvest Direct
Designed for easy installation and reliable operation, the home harvest direct system provides the highest quality non-potable rainwater for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and vehicle washing purposes.

Home Harvest Gravity
Using the Rain Director system, rainwater is pumped to a header tank where gravity distributes it to your required water appliances.  This minimises pump on/off cycling, reducing electrical cost and wear on your pump.  The system also ensures that the rainwater tank is replenished with mains water once the stored rainwater is exhausted.

Garden Harvest
An easy to install, high performance and economic solution for the keen gardener providing free water, even during hosepipe bans, all year round.  A very simple system that allows the connection of the hose to the pump within the tank to provide water for irrigating lawns, gardens and car washing.
Need help deciding what rain water harvesting system is right for you. Get in touch today with our product expert. Duncan Ritchie, who will help advise you on the best HydroStore™ for you.

Product Manager:

Duncan Ritchie
Mob: 07715 608772
Office: 028 9261 1077 
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