Introducing A New Concept in Oil Storage

Introducing A New Concept in Oil Storage
29 August 2014
Following the successful launch of their Steel Tank range, Harlequin has introduced a new concept in Oil Storage with their 1350 litre bunded Security Tank. The tank consists of a plastic inner tank with a steel outer, providing increased protection against theft and damage but also offering the durability and corrosion resistance of plastic.
Commenting on the launch, Harlequin's Commercial Director Paul Kidd said “With the successful introduction of the Steel Tank Range, the addition of a security tank with a steel outer and plastic inner was a natural next step. With its excellent results in trials our customer feedback is that the Security Tank will become a very welcome addition to our product range. Indeed we already have further plans to produce added value products which provide our customers even more of an advantage in the marketplace.”
More information on the new Security Tank can be found here.
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