Incorrectly Fitted Meters Could Cost £7 Million

Incorrectly Fitted Meters Could Cost £7 Million
15 January 2014
Recent research published by ITRON suggests that incorrectly fitted meters in renewable energy projects could cost  up to £7 million in wasted funds.

The report suggests that approximately 29% of meter installations over the past three years have required follow up attention from a heating engineer.

In order to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive, commercial renewable energy projects must have a meter installed, in order to issue payments based on actual output. The Department of Energy and Climate Change is also offering incentives of up to £230 for domestic projects which incorporate a meter.

However, problems with meters such as mechanical meters include dirt getting into the system, in which instance the meter will fail to give accurate readings. In other instances, it may be the case that meters have not been properly installed by a certified heating technician. On average, the report stated that heating engineers had to return to meter installations an average of 8 times over a 12 month period.

The recent issues with renewable energy meter installations may be seen as another set-back for the renewable energy sector, however, it may also spell a boost for certified and accredited tradesmen, as demand for reputable and recommended trade professionals continues to grow. Initiatives such as Trustmark and Clarehill Plastics brand Tankmark, have proved hugely successful in recent years, with homeowners wanting to refer to trusted tradesmen as recommended by industry peers.
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