Have You Checked Your Oil Tank This Autumn?

Have You Checked Your Oil Tank This Autumn?
03 November 2013
As we prepare for winter, homeowners are being asked to check the condition of their heating oil tanks in order to prevent tank splits during cold spells. 

Older and single skin oil tanks are most prone to damage this winter, resulting from a combination of day-to-day wear and tear and particularly cold weather conditions. Many homeowners remain unaware of the dangers posed by a tank split. Not only do such events incur the cost of replacing an oil tank and any valuable, lost fuel, but associated environmental clean-up costs may also be an unwelcome consequence for many.

As we approach the winter months, the following are some steps which all households can follow in order to check, maintain and be aware of oil tank conditions:

- Check for cracks and/or splits on your oil tank, particularly around areas prone to stress, such as the bottom corners. If you see signs of stress, contact a qualified tank technician immediately. Do not attempt to repair an oil tank yourself. Visit the Tankmark website, which provides tank owners with a network of accredited tank technicians across the UK and Ireland.

- Replace older, single skin oil tanks with a bunded oil tank. Single skin tanks are a major contributing factor involved in oil spillages. Bunded tanks consist of a 'tank within a tank' design. In most cases, the outer tank can hold approxinmately 110% of the inner tank's liquid volume. This ensures that any oil lost due to an inner tank split is retained and the surrounding environment, protected against spillages.

- Invest in a Bund Warning Alarm. This device detects any spillages within your bunded tank, allowing you to make timely and convenient arrangements for a tank repair.
Check your home insurance policy. Many policies will not cover an oil spill. It is important to know where you stand with your insurer. An oil spillage if not covered by your insurance policy, could cost you tens of thousands of pounds i repair and clean up costs.

- Know your oil tank - keep a document containing information on your tank manufacturer, tank model, age, warranty information and any relevant contact numbers.

These are simple steps, which homeowners are being urged to follow as winter approaches. For more information on tank maintenance or information on tank regulations, visit www.oftec.org

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