Harlequin Bunded Tanks

Harlequin Bunded Tanks
16 September 2013
An important change has recently been implemented for the manufacture, supply and sale of Construction products in the UK.  The Construction Products Regulations (2011) mandate that all construction products which fall within the scope of a European Harmonised Standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA) must comply with certain prescribed obligations.
Oil Tanks are covered under their own European Norm EN13341:2005+A1, and as such there are now certain legal obligations throughout the supply chain for oil tanks in the UK. Key changes include the mandated use of CE marking and the supply of Declaration of Performance for these products.
Since 1st July 2013 it is now illegal for a manufacturer to sell an oil tank which is not CE marked and falls within the Trading Standards remit for investigation within England, Scotland and Wales, and with Local Authorities in Northern Ireland.
Harlequin took the decision many years ago to CE mark our tanks to the relevant standard on a voluntary basis within the Constriction Products Directive, leading the way to better standards.
As such Harlequin Oil Tanks fully comply with the new Regulations, all tanks are fully CE marked and Declarations of Performance are available.  http://www.constructionproducts.org.uk/?eID=dam_frontend_push&docID=1443&filename=CPR_Version_2_draft_13.pdf
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