Harlequin attend the 176th Royal Highland Show

Harlequin attend the 176th Royal Highland Show
27 June 2016
We had a great week at the 176th Royal Highland Show this year.  We brought along some of our Bunded Oil Tanks, our new Double Walled Underground Oil Tank, Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Fuel Stations, Septic Tanks, HydroClear Sewage Treatment Plant and our new HydroClear CAP6 Sewage Treatment Plant. 

A popular choice for small gardens and sensitive landscapes, our pioneering new addition to our Underground Oil Tank range, the 1400 Double Walled Underground Oil Tank fully complies with all existing regulations.  The double walled design is complete with an interstitial leak detection monitor and fully complies with BS5410-1. 

The CAP6 is another new addition to the product offering from our Harlequin HydroClear range.  The CAP6 is a compact sewage treatment plant designed specifically for domestic installations for up to 6 inhabitants (4 bedrooms).  It is a Continuous Aeration Plant which operates using a unique bio-media system and delivers a pollutant removal level of 96.2% whilst also combating common problems associated with small packaged domestic plants.

The 1400 Double Walled Underground Oil Tank and CAP6 where not the only new innovative products on our Harlequin stand this year.  Also in attendance was the DipFast, the new innovative sheep dipping product which attracted a lot of attention from farmers in attendance.  Find out more about this fantastic new product at www.dipfast.com.

With another fantastic year finished at the Royal Highland Show we're getting ready for next year’s show and will have even more new products on show in 2017. 

To find out more about our new or existing products, call our sales team on 028 9261 1077 or email info@harlequin-mfg.com

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