Harlequin Tanks Get KIWA Certification

Harlequin Tanks Get KIWA Certification
07 May 2014
Following regulation changes which came into effect in 2005, in the Netherlands, all fuel storage installations have since been required by law, to obtain KIWA certification within this region.

KIWA - the national body which approves fuel storage tanks and installations, is an independent organisation responsible for issuing certification for fuel storage tanks and installations. KIWA also provide training, testing, inspection and data services and are also fully tested and inspected themselves.

After a lengthy and detailed process, Harlequin tanks have obtained KIWA certification, meaning Dutch customers can now avail of the benefits of Harlequin's range of rotationally moulded fuel storage and dispensing tanks.

Traditionally favouring steel storage tanks, the Dutch market is expected to welcome keener pricing and the durability benefits of plastic storage tanks. In the short time since gaining its KIWA certification, Harlequin has experienced a notable increase in polyethylene tank inquiries.

Harlequin has partnered with key installer networks and fuel companies in the Netherlands in order to serve the Dutch market. The combination of KIWA certified products, with a KIWA approved installer network is a winning feature of Harlequin's Dutch business.

For more information on KIWA, you can visit their website, or to find out more about Harlequin KIWA approved fuel stations, view the range or contact us on +44 (0) 2892 611077
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