Harlequin MFG eager to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Harlequin MFG eager to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle
13 July 2018
In the beginning of February, our MD sent out an e-mail requesting for volunteers to participate in the Virgin Pulse 100-day Healthy Lifestyle challenge. He felt that it would be a great way to keep us employees involved and motivated. As for us employees, the challenge seemed like lot of fun especially with the spring season just around the corner. So, we quickly formed a seven-member team, called it ‘The Super Slimlines’ and set out towards creating a healthier lifestyle.

The seven participants signed up and started recording their daily physical activity using the slick pedometer. Some members of the team walk during their lunch hour or after a tiring days’ work. While some others indulge in more rigorous physical activity such as boxing, gym and football. The weather in Belfast has kept the team motivated to do more steps as well. The team discovers new locations along the way which adds a bit of zing to the competition.

Well, the challenge has encouraged us to get more active. And, we are super proud to announce that we just hit the half way mark with 52 days under our belt covering a whopping distance of 1,670 miles with a team average of 13, 050. And, yes we have got a few trophies as well! 

We are competing with the likes of Tata Steel Europe, Ingersoll Rand, Imperial Brands, Air Products and Cargill PLC in the manufacturing sector in UK. We are giving West Yorkshire Police, IBM and Scottish Water a run for their money as well. A bit of healthy competition does no one any harm!

We have made steady progress so far and are sure hoping to keep the pace going. Will be interesting to see where we land up at the end of the 100 days. Wish us luck!

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