Harlequin Announces New Finnish Distributor

Harlequin Announces New Finnish Distributor
14 October 2013
Harlequin tanks has long been recognised as one of Europe's leading tank manufacturers, not just for its quality products, but also for its strong distributor network across Europe and indeed, the world. Harlequin was first introduced to Finnish distributor 'Pihakone Raudasoja TMI' in mid-2012 and since then the two companies have steadily developed working relations. However, 2013 has seen a huge surge in tank sales to Finland and the Harlequin/Pihakone Raudasoja partnership has surpassed all expectations as a result.
Pihakone Raudasoja's Husband and wife team  come from a background of plant hire and servicing, and have exhibited at 4 agricultural and plant equipment exhibitions over the last year - all of which displayed Harlequin's leading range of plastic storage tanks.

Harlequin is the only non-Finnish company to have official TUKES government approval for its range of Fuel Stations. Harlequin's market leading Transfuel ADR approved mobile tanks have also proved a huge success in Finland and the company predicts sales of additional products such as AdBlue storage and dispensing tanks to soar in line with the success of its other ranges, over the coming months and years.

Harlequin's partnership with 
Pihakone Raudasoja is evidence of the success which comes from two quality-focused companies joining forces within an industry so dependent on reliable, certified products.
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