Customs Officials Seize Illegal Fuel in South Armagh

Customs Officials Seize Illegal Fuel in South Armagh
20 May 2014
Officials have shut down an illegal diesel laundering plant capable of producing 22 million litres of illegal fuel per year. The find, which would have enabled those behind the scheme to evade over £14m in revenues due, was uncovered in the Jonesborough area of South Armagh last Friday.

Officers removed 26 tonnes of toxic waste (which was a by-product of the laundering process), 700 litres of fuel and commercial vehicles and equipment.

It is thought that despite attempts to remove a marker which is placed in diesel to assist in identifying illegal quantities, those behind the laundering were unable to do so, enabling the PSNI, Garda and Customs to declare the find illegal.

It has been claimed by officials within all three bodies that diesel washing and smuggling could now be coming to an end, thanks to advances made in diesel processing technology which make it difficult to impossible for smugglers to operate undetected.
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