Cost of Oil Remains Competitive for Off-Grid Customers

Cost of Oil Remains Competitive for Off-Grid Customers
26 January 2013

The cost of heating oil has remained competitive for the off-grid market, according to the latest independent figures.

According to the figures, the annual cost of heating an average three-bedroom home with a condensing oil-fired boiler has risen by just over 4% in the past 12 months, compared to an increase of 7% for an LPG condensing boiler. 

Customers with an oil boiler can expect to pay around £1,355 per annum to heat their homes, compared to £2,020 with an LPG condensing boiler, which makes oil about one third cheaper than LPG. 

Commenting on the figures, OFTEC director general, Jeremy Hawksley, said: “Oil heating has been around a long time and it's a very efficient and flexible energy source, giving reliable and controllable heat. The fact you can choose when and where to buy oil from means consumers have complete control over their energy purchases.” 

The news coincides with the launch of a new campaign to promote oil to the off grid sector. 'Oilsave' is a partnership between OFTEC and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, which sets out the facts about oil heating, renewables and the off grid sector.

With the government's domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheduled for launch this year, Oilsave highlights how consumers can get the best out of their heating in terms of both cost and reducing their carbon emissions, without having to transform their entire heating systems.

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