Clarehill Plastics Ltd Enjoys Success Once Again In ARENA Survey

 Clarehill Plastics Ltd Enjoys Success Once Again In ARENA Survey
25 June 2013
5th December 2012
Clarehill Plastics Ltd, manufacturer of the world's most intelligent bunded oil tank - iTank, has once again enjoyed success at the Arena Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey.
In the most recent survey, the company achieved platinum status, with a score in excess of 90%. Clarehill has now achieved fourth place out of the 250 companies in Northern Ireland invited to participate in the Arena Survey, having come up from number 46 in 2010, to 23 in 2011, and now to number 4 in 2012.
Speaking on Clarehill's recent achievment, the company's Managing Director, Brian McCann said; "one of our foundation blocks is that environmental improvement is at the heart of our business. This latest award certainly confirms we are improving our standing in environmental excellence at an exceptional rate and we will be using this award to improve our standing further again in the future, passing the benefits on to our customers, suppliers and staff as we all collectively strive to improve environmental awareness and responsibilities across the global industrial community."
The Arena Environmental Benchmarking Survey is Northern Ireland's leading benchmarking exercise. Every year, 250 organisations from 15 different sectors are invited to take part, including the top 200 companies and leading public sector organisations. The survey is a key driver for corporate environmental management and improvement and is seen as a hugely positive influencer, helping organisations achieve a more sustainable way of doing business.
There are five quintile positions obtainable in the survey, with quintile 1, or 'platinum' position requiring a score of over 80% overall. Organisations are marked on four key areas - Waste, Water, Transport and Energy. Within each area, the participating organisations are then marked on Corporate Strategy, Integration, Management, Performance & Impact and Assurance as factors influencing their performance in each of those areas.
Of the 250 organisations invited to participate in the survey, just 13 of those who participated obtained the coveted 'platinum' quintile, of which Clarehill Plastics was one. This is the company's most recent environmental achievment to date and reflects its continued efforts to promote environmental responsibility in manufacturing.
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