Another Winning International Partnership for Harlequin

Another Winning International Partnership for Harlequin
16 October 2013
Harlequin tanks has partnered with yet another successful international tank distributor, reinforcing the company's status as one of Europe's leading oil tank and diesel tank manufacturers.

In recent months Harlequin has penetrated markets which have historically favoured the use of steel tanks. The unrivalled quality, performance and durability of Harlequin's broad tank range have been enough to convince even the most passionate of steel tank advocates and most recently, Estonian distributor 'AgriPartner OÜ' was one of these.

AgriPartner OÜ supplies a wide range of agricultural plant and equipment to its extensive customer base and products such as Harlequin's Fuel Station diesel dispensing tanks, Transfuel mobile diesel bowsers and iTank bunded oil tanks are now available as part of this range.

Recent strides made in Europe and the rest of the world are music to the ears of Harlequin's Managing Director, Laurance Coey, who said: "Having already established ourselves as a market leading tank manufacturer in the UK and Ireland, it was always inevitable that we would have our sights set on markets further afield. Through refining and perfecting our manufacturing processes, our plastic storage tanks are viable and indeed in many instances, preferable alternaitves to steel tanks, even in extreme climates. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and after several years of trialling our products in various international markets, our efforts are paying off and our products are now rapidly becoming a benchmark for plastic storage solutions on the global stage."
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