5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Heating Oil Tank

5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Heating Oil Tank
25 June 2013
18th March 2013
Domestic heating oil thefts have been steadily increasing over the past number of years as oil prices have continued to rise across the board. With many householders now unable to afford what were once, standard oil deliveries, an energy crisis has ensued and some, it would seem, are taking drastic measures.
Unlike services offered by many gas suppliers across the UK, there are still no Pay as you go schemes in existence for heating oil users within this market. Consequently, more and more householders have had to bring 20 litre oil drums to the pumps in order to fill up with expensive, but necessary fuel supplies. Many such householders do not have the finances available to fund a 500 litre or 1000 litre oil delivery and as such, are forced to obtain heating oil in smaller, yet more expensive quantities.
While these oil users resort to buying smaller quantities, it would seem that one section of society has resorted to theft as a means of getting their hands on much sought after oil supplies. Over the past number of years, the number of reported incidences of oil theft have gradually increased and with oil prices at a record high, thefts have risen in line with that.
Local authorities and police forces across the UK have been promoting tank safety throughout 2011, particularly in more rural areas, where oil usage is higher and where properties are more sparsely situated. Quite often the contents of an oil tank are worth considerably more than the tank itself, therefore it makes sense to protect the tank which holds your fuel.
One of the most fundamental ways of ensuring that your heating oil is safe, not just from thieves, but also from leaks, is to upgrade your single skin oil tank to a bunded oil tank, or double walled oil tank. Bunded tanks consist of a tank within a tank design, with the outer tank being capable of holding 110% of the inner tank's capacity. This means that, in the event of the inner tank splitting, your oil will not be lost, saving you a small fortune on re-ordering oil and saving you even more by preventing the need for an environmental clean-up which would cost tens of thousands of pounds and which would most likely not be covered by standard household insurance policies!
However, if replacing your single skin oil tank is just a bit too costly for you at this time, here are some tips for protecting your home heating oil against thieves this winter:
  1. Fit a tank lock to your oil tank, such as a suitable combination padlock or an alarm lock. Both lock types can be purchased from most online oil tank resellers
  2. Apply a sticker or label to your oil tank, informing would-be thieves that your tank is locked
  3. Try to ensure that your oil tank is not immediately visible from the road, particularly if you have a larger tank. You can hide your tank by planting trees/bushes in the line of visibility from the road
  4. Join a community watch scheme, or even better, start your own scheme! Community watch schemes have proven extremely effective at deterring criminals over the years. If you are part of a scheme, be sure to promote it by displaying signs in your neighbourhood
  5. Lastly, ensure that all access to your garden is secured. In the same way as you protect your house before leaving for work in the morning, ensure that you have also protected your garden and its contents. Most thieves are opportunistic and will look for an easy target. Don't be the easy target - secure all access points as well as you can!
Now that you have those basic tips on protecting your heating oil, you can take steps to deter thieves and to enhance your own peace of mind. We have all heard the news reports and many of us probably know someone who has fallen victim to fuel thefts. Do your best to avoid being one of them and remember, the most fundamental way you can protect your oil, is by storing it in a bunded oil tank. Most bunded oil tanks also come with the appropriate locks as standard and can even be supplied with an oil monitor which will sound an alarm in the event of any sudden drop in your tank's oil levels.
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Stay safe this winter and beat the thieves!
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