HeatStream Warranty

To register your HeatStream product, please submit the form below.

Please note: The product must be installed and commissioned in accordance with the requirements of the Operation and Maintenance Manual and Building Regulations. Therefore the Installer must provide information regarding commissioning of the tank installation in order to activate the product warranty.

Failure to commission, register and annually service this product will invalidate the warranty. 

To view the Harlequin HeatStream warranty statement, please click here: Harlequin HeatStream Warranty.

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Has a mini expansion tank/shock arrestor been fitted on the mains supply pipework?:

Is the installation in a hard water area (i.e. >200mg/litre)?:

If yes, has a suitable and effective water treatment been fitted?:



Is the installation located a minimum of 1m away from heat sources with a heat output more than 90°C?:

Is the overflow arrangement piped and terminated in accordance with Building Regulations?:

Has the thermostatic mixing valve been installed correctly?:

Are all appropriate pipes insulated up to 1 metre or the point where they become concealed?:

Have time and temperature controls been fitted in compliance with Building Regulations?:

What type of control system has been fitted?:

Are all heat sources wired through the correct thermostat?:



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The hot water system complies with the appropriate Building Regulations:

The system controls have been demonstrated to and understood by the customer:

The system is installed and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions:

All product literature has been left with and explained to the customer: