Northern Ireland Fuel Regulations

New Regulations to introduce minimum requirements for new and existing above ground oil storage facilities in Northern Ireland were made on 9 December 2010. A key requirement of the Regulations is for all oil storage tanks over 200 litres to be stored in a bund.

The new Regulations, enforced by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), are intended to reduce and prevent the number of oil-related water pollution incidents. The n
on -compliance with the Regulations may lead to a criminal conviction with imprisonment up to 3 months or a fine up to £20,000 or both.

The law will be enforced in December 2015. Act now.
Who will the Oil Storage Regulations affect?

NI-REGS-BANNER-(3).jpgThe Oil Storage Regulations will affect all industrial and commercial businesses and institutional (residential and non-residential) sites, eg nursing homes, hospitals, schools and day care centres who store oil.  Companies who refine or distribute oil will also need to comply unless they store 2,500 tonnes or more of oil and are regulated under the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations.

The Regulations will apply to above ground oil containers with a capacity of more than 200 litres, including fixed tanks, intermediate bulk containers and drums, mobile storage units such as bowsers, and oil stored inside buildings.
The Regulations will cover all kinds of oil, including petrol, mineral oils, waste oils and vegetable oils.

They will not apply:
- to oil stored in a container with a capacity of 200 litres or less
- on premises used wholly or mainly as a private dwelling if the storage capacity of the container is 3,500 litres or less
- on any farm if the oil is used for agricultural purposes

- to any container which is wholly underground

How can I comply with the new Regulations?

Harlequin Bunded Storage Oil TanksFuel Dispensing Tanks and Waste Oil Tanks have a second wall comprising of 110% of the container storage capacity and are fully compliant with the new Regulations.
Every Harlequin tank has been engineered from the outset to exceed the  most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements. 

Does my storage tank comply with the Regulations? 

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